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Sugar Free Syrup
   1.5 oz Maple Flavor
   12 oz Maple Flavor
   24 oz Maple Flavor
   24 oz Butter Flavor
   24 oz Vermont Maple Flavor
   12 oz Vermont Maple Flavor
   12 oz Vermont Butter Flavor
Sugar Free Syrup 
We like to please as many customers as possible, so we also have sugar-free maple flavored syrups for our diabetic and sugar-conscious friends. Formulated with Splenda®, America’s #1 sugar substitute, you can indulge in your favorite meal using maple syrup, without worrying about your sugar intake. Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Syrups are great topping options for pancakes and waffles, and can also be used to add a taste of maple sweetness to baked goods, yogurt, ice cream, marinades and more. 
  1.5 oz Maple Flavor
1.5 oz Sugar Free Maple Flavored Syrup