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At Maple Grove Farms, we take pride in much more than being the largest packer of delicious, pure maple syrup in the United States. We're also proud of our efforts toward sustainability and the environment.

Being from Vermont, sustainability is in our blood and now, we've received the Vermont Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in recognition of our Zero Waste Landfill Project. You can learn more here. The project, begun in 2014, had the goal to achieve a 91% reduction in waste diversion from landfills within five years. In 2016, we achieved our goal ahead of schedule and reached a 92% diversion rate. You can take comfort in knowing that your favorite syrups, pancake mixes, dressings and candies are made in our Zero Waste facility.

Through this project, our employees gained a personal knowledge and appreciation for enhanced sustainability and many have even brought our ideas back to their homes.

Maple Grove Farms maintains its commitment to sustainability, and strives to continue to pursue new and better ways of improving our waste management protocols, and doing our part to make the world a better, and greener place to live.