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How come Maple Grove Farms of Vermont no longer gives facility tours?    
When did Maple Grove Farms of Vermont originate?    
How about the company's reputation, quality and standing?    
How and when is maple syrup made?    
Can all maple trees produce syrup?    
What is sap?    
Does it really take a lot of sap to make a little syrup?    
How long can maple syrup be stored and used?    
Can you tell me more about how the sap is collected?    
What is the difference in Grades?    
How do pure maple and blended candies differ?    
How is maple cream produced?    
What is "sugar-on-snow"?    
How often will you add new products to the site for ordering?    
When is the best time to order for gift giving?    
They're all terrific! I can't decide which gift to give. Help???    
Can I make suggestions or comments?